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Tips How To Clean a Laptop

There are 5 general parts of a laptop you need to keep clean: the case, keyboard (including the touchpad), LCD screen, ports and cooling vents.  Also, if you feel comfortable, you can choose to open your laptop to clean its cooling system inside, including the fan and heat sink. Cleaning your laptop's cooling system can help you solve overheating problems and laptop freezing, etc.

Of course, always defer to your laptop manufacturer's manual for recommended cleaning procedures.

Materials Needed:

Isopropyl alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly and doesn't leave residue behind. It is also safe to use for electronic equipment, especially for LCD displays.
Distilled bottled water - Distilled water is your safest option. Never use tap water on your computer, as it includes minerals that can harm your computer.
Lint-free cloth – A Lint-free cloth, like the cloth you use for cleaning your eyeglasses, is the safest thing to use in wiping your computer screens. Never use paper towels, facial tissues or other types of papers in wiping your computer screen, as these things include flakes that can scratch your computer.
Can of compressed air – This will be used to get rid of dirt and dust trapped in tiny spaces in your laptop.

Step by Step Cleaning

NOTE: When cleaning, make sure your computer is unplugged, or if it's a laptop, make sure you remove the battery completely.

Step 1 - Make a cleaning solution by mixing the distilled water in equal portions with alcohol. Then, dampen your cloth with the solution. Remember not to wet the cloth, dampening it with solution is enough. You don't want your solution to drip in your computer. Also, never spray directly on your computer, especially on your computer screen.

Step 2 - Clean the case using the solution.  This can make it look like brand new again. Then, wipe your keyboard by opening the lid of your laptop.  Next, wipe the display using the same cloth. You can also use a new moistened cloth if the first one gets too grimy. Once again, never spray the solution directly to the computer screen. Use gentle pressure and wipe the screen in circular motion to prevent streaking.

Step 3 - Clean the keyboard and touchpad using the can of compressed air. This will help to get out any debris or dirt trapped in spaces. Some laptops include a built-in keyboard tray. If you have this feature, you can pour distilled water straight into your keyboard and let it dry for several minutes. Always check your computer's manual to be sure. Finally, wipe the keyboard and touchpad using the damp cloth.

Cleaning Ports and Cooling Vents
Use the can of compressed air to clean the opening of your computer. Spray from an angle to blow out dirt, rather than into the computer. You can use a cotton swab to prevent the fan blades from turning while you clean it.
Lastly, make sure your laptop is completely dried before turning it on.

5 Best Gadgets Under $100

5 Best Gadgets Under $100

Buying gadgets seem to be an expensive undertaking nowadays, what with many advanced and technological gadgets in the market that are powered by the latest technologies. If you are going to buy a technological gadget, you would most often assume that it will cost you a hefty amount. But would you believe it that you can buy useful gadgets for no more than $100? Yes, you read that right! There are some useful gadgets that you can get for an affordable price.

If you are a gadget geek, make sure you learn about what these are so you can add more to your collection.

1. Versatile speaker iPod or iPhone dock: Priced at $79.99.

You can find a lot of speaker docks for your modern gadgets in the market, but this one is a good value not just for its price. It works horizontally and vertically, which adds more flexibility into the product so you can use it with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Furthermore, you can conveniently set it onto your kitchen counter while at the same time utilizing it to enhance the quality of the audio and video that you can get from the device.

2. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch CTH460: Priced at $99

This gift is perfect for the modern artist. Equipped with pen and multi-touch capabilities, this is an ideal tool to use for sketching, as well as photo retouching. Wacom is a brand that has been manufacturing quality tablets for years and are deemed as first-rate manufacturers in the industry. If you cannot afford the $99 price tag on this device, you can go for the cheaper version at $69, although that one lacks the touch input.

3. Livescribe Echo Smartpen (2 GB): Priced at $99

Another $99 value gadget is ideal for those who love to write. With this smartpen, you can take your writing wherever you may go. Aside from writing, you can also use your smartpen to draw and scribble. When you are satisfied with your work, you can upload it onto your computer for further reproduction.

4. Roku HD Streaming Player: Priced at $79.99

If you are a couch potato, listen up because here is the perfect gadget for you – the Roku HD streaming player. This device can be connected into your TV so you can stream HD-quality TV shows, movies, and other content that you wish to enjoy. If you have a home Wifi, it becomes so much easier to explore whatever content you want to your heart's content.

5. Klipsch Image S4 Black In-Ear Headphones: Priced at $79.99

This is a perfect gift idea if you are looking for a high-performance headphone that is sold at a cheaper price. The Klipsch brand has been in the business for 60 years and this is a testament to the quality of their products. Furthermore, they have established their reputation in audio expertise that make them a go-to brand for those in search of quality audio products. Indeed, this is a good replacement than most earphones that are available in iPods or other MP3 players nowadays. Thus, it is a good deal for your money!