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Hot Eyeglass Frame Colors

Just like with make-up, it’s important to do a color analysis to see what frame color looks best on your face. And, colors are hot this year when it comes to eyeglasses. Don’t just buy one pair. Buy ones for every occasion and look you want to achieve.

What Color Are You?

Just like with make-up, there are basically two types of color: cool and warm. To decide which you are, you need to take into account three things: hair color, eye color and skin tone. Each person is either warm or cool. Knowing which you are can dramatically change your look.

Hair color: What is considered warm? Carrot tops (of course), brown-black, golden or honey blond, golden brown and gray are included in the warm category. What is considered cool? White, salt and pepper hair, blue-black, strawberry blond, auburn, platinum blond and ash brown are all thought of as cool shades.

Eye color: We are working with natural eye colors here. There is such a range of colors besides the basic brown, blue and green. For instance, blue can stretch from violet on one end to blue-green on the other. On one end of the spectrum the colors are cool and gradually get warmer. The same goes for brown. You can have a light color brown which is considered warm and stretch to medium or even a brown so dark it looks black. That is on the cool end of the spectrum.

Skin tone: Lastly we take a look at skin tone. All skin color has undertones of either yellow or blue. The most common undertones are blue, making up about 60 percent of the U.S. population. Blue, as you might have guessed, produces a “cool” complexion and yellow produces a “warm” one. Since the glasses will sit on your face, skin tone coloring is a bit more important than hair or eye color.

Now that you know whether you are a “cool” or a “warm” you can start considering different frame colors. Like we said at the beginning, don’t get bogged down with choosing just one frame. You don’t have to make one do for all occasions. Mix and match to suit your coloring and your mood. Contrast with your wardrobe for a more dramatic look.

Warm color trends: If you are warm, try frames in colors like khaki, gold, orange, peach, copper, blue and bright red. If you like the tortoise shell look, go for blond.

Cool color trends: Try frames in colors like black, silver, pink, blue, magenta, dark tortoise shell, blue-gray and plum.

Trendy colors: Right now, you have an eclectic mix of bright and neutral colors to choose from. Depending on your gender and coloring, the hottest colors for women range from tangerine to driftwood. For men, coloring goes from a cool dazzling blue to a subdued grass green.

Be bold! Go for frames that make a statement this year.

The Best Eye MakeUp Cleaners for You

Why do women wear make-up? Well, it enhances their natural features. Even in the low light you can present a bold face to your public. But, what about after the night is through?

While make-up looks great, your face will feel even better once it’s off. Part of the responsibility of wearing make-up is knowing how to clean it off. Here are some different types of make-up removers/cleaners for your needs.

The health of your face depends on cleaning it thoroughly. Pores clogged with un-removed make-up can lead to acne, pimples and other skin irritations. No one wants that.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Start with a fresh new palette everyday by cleaning your face thoroughly before going to bed. Here are some types of make-up removers to consider.

Eye make-up remover pads – These are pre-moistened pads that are easy to use with no fuss or mess. Simply remove one from the jar and swipe across your eyelids to remove make-up. Some people worry about irritation from the chemicals in the remover on their skin. If so, try a hypoallergenic pad like Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($5.50). It works for sensitive skin to avoid redness and other issues. Almay pads are also good for removing waterproof mascara.

Cleansing wipes – If you want something bigger to hold on to, then opt for a facial cleansing wipe. They come in handy pillow pouches to carry with you wherever you go. Choose one that will work well on waterproof mascara without leaving your face feeling oily. Clean & Clear makes an oil free wipe ($6) that is gentle to your skin.

Eye make-up remover solution – You can apply this with a cotton ball or two. It removes dirt and oil without leaving an oily feel to the skin. And it removes waterproof make-up. One of the best on the market is Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover ($15). The bottle is small but a little goes a long way. Make each swipe count.

All over make-up removers – You can remove your make-up not just from your eyelids but also your lashes, lips and cheeks. Try Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover ($18). You do have to leave the solution on for a few seconds before removing it. If you feel oily after removal, wash your face with a cleanser.

Eye make-up remover lotions – Eye make-up remover lotions have a slightly thicker formula than solutions. You don’t need an applicator or cotton ball. Simply squeeze the lotion on the tip of your finger and rub it across the eye lid and the lashes. Remove with a damp cloth or cotton ball. Neutrogena ($8) makes a lotion that is hydrating and safe for sensitive skin.

Putting on make-up is only part of the process. Remember to remove it with a cleanser that will leave your face fresh and clean.

Trendy Beachwear for Women

When it comes to hitting the beach, many women dread the season of skin exposure. Instead of dreading it, though, why not get in on the latest trends? You'll probably feel more chic, and you can probably find a trendy look that fits your comfort level. It's not all about swimwear - it's about beachwear! Here are some of the trends for beachwear in 2012.

1. Ruffles and Lace
Sleeveless tops get a whole new look in 2012 - ruffles! Around the neck, on the front, or part of the shirt itself, ruffles are the new look for going sleeveless. Ruffles also adorn coverups this year, too, lending a playful addition to a traditional swimsuit cover.

Lace is trendy this year, too. It's appearing on coverups and sheer shirts that make elegant covers for the beach.

2. Rompers
Rompers are back, and so are jumpers. These one-piece classics are great to wear on the beach. There's quite a variety of rompers available for 2012, such as ones with built-in belts or flouncy skirt-like shorts. The colors are trending toward earth tones and blues this summer.

3. Handbags
In 2012, many fashion designers are aware of the financial pinch many are feeling. So the accessories for beachwear are exceptional this year - accessories give you a new look for less. Look for bright colors and funky shapes and patterns in handbags this year.

4. Strappy Sandals and Flip-Flops
The strappy look can cover a wide range of sandal styles. You will find some very high, cork-heeled strappies this year, as well as flats. Wedge heels are in for 2012, too, as are "gladiator sandals" with ankle-high straps.

And yes, flip-flops are back! Invest in a few pairs and get into the colorful flip-flop trend this summer.

5. Sundresses
Sundresses are classic beachwear. You can go barefoot in a nice sundress as you walk along the beach, or pair it up with trendy sandals for going out. This year, short or long sundresses are in, and so is floral print.

6. Sun Hats
Maybe it's because we're more aware of skin cancer these days - but whatever the reason, the sun hat is making a comeback in 2012. In fact, the big, floppy variety is making an appearance as well, complete with chin ties and scarves. It's a great way to help keep the sun off your face and shoulders while you're walking on the beach, and the chin ties minimize the chance that your trendy hat will be blown off by oceanside winds!